Dr.Muruga subbu while working in government service during 1987, happened to stumble upon a senior officer Dr.V.G.Manoharan, Managing Director, TNEB (Retd.,) who knew vedic and K.P Astrology very well. One day, the senior officer on seeing his (Muruga Subbu’s) horoscope, predicted that the divine power of astrology was with him naturally and forced him to study astrology. The senior officer voluntarily introduced him to the vedic and K.P Astrology and taught him the nuances of it everyday, like a gurugulam.

After that, Dr.Muruga subbu intrigued by the science of Vedic and K.P Astrology read several vedic and K.P. Astrology books and mastered the art to the point of precisely predicting from a horoscope.

In pursuit of expanding his knowledge, he also looked into other forms of procedures. Few years ago, he came across Advanced KP Stellar astrology through YouTube and he was impressed by the predictive methodology and found solutions for unanswered questions in vedic and K.P. Astrology.

Dr.Muruga Subbu then immediately contacted “Saara Jothida Chakkaravarthi” Hon’ble A. Devaraj, Chennai  and has read all books written by him about Advanced KP Stellar Astrology. He has also attended many workshops and seminars at various locations. Now, he is an expert in the field of Advanced KP Stellar Astrology and predicting all events of life very precisely. Till now he has experienced different kinds of horoscope of more than 10,000 numbers.

Dr.Muruga Subbu also holds B.E, M.B.A and Ph.D degrees and now he is servicing the translation works of his guruji’s tamil books into English.

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